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How I got our 5 year old to do some adventure sports

Written by Robin Booth

On a recent work trip to Swaziland for the running of the Emotionally Intelligent Parenting series, I took the family along. I have a strong theory about the link between Emotional Intelligence and any situation where we may feel overwhelmed.  My definition of Emotional Intelligence is "your ability to work with your emotions". The more able you are to be aware of your emotions, process them and work with them, the less they will overwhlem you and run you.

This is the same whether you are skydiving, or in deep conflict with your partner. It is the same when you are angry with your child, and even though you may be close losing it, you are still able to keep your head about you and not do something that you will later regret.

So I believe that a safer environment to pracise working with our emotions is to take us to the edge of our comfort zone, and increase our abilities to function well in those spaces. Clear thinking, good judgment, responding opposed to reacting, etc.

So I wanted to continue developing this in 5 year old Cailn. And here is the vido clip of us doing some of these things. And if you wish to find out how I got her to do it, and the skills and theory I used to make it happen, then leave a comment below sharing what challenge you wish your child would be willing to take on. 

  • How do I get a 5 year old to step out of her comfort zone and take on new challenges that may be scary for her?
  • How can I increase the emotional intelligence of my child?
  • How do I create a mind set for my child of one of 'success'?
  1. Going horse back riding over night: 6 hours on horse
  2. Ziplining by herself over trees and the canyon
  3. Caving underground with bats and spiders
  4. Facing a nervous mother Rhino


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