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How to help my child when he is bullied at school?

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As I write this, my child is currently being bullied at school. So the things I share in this lesson come from direct experience that produces results.

And the irony is that supporting Cailin (aged 9) is actually the 'easy' part. It is trying to support and handle her mom that is the challenge. 

When your child is bullied, such intense emotions arise, often evoking thoughts of wanting to go to school the next year and confront the child yourself. 

But now YOU become the bully of a young child. And so the cycle repeats itself.

It takes a lot of emotional intelligence for a parent to apply the skills I teach in this lesson. But if you are able to hold and process your own emotions, you will be able to turn this tragic situation into an incredible learning process that will development the strength and character of your child. 

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