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How to get your children to cooperate by giving them choices

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If you want your children to cooperate and listen to you the first time around, then try this skill first!
Why? Well.... because it works.. no matter the age of the child, and in nearly all situations.
It's clever, it's fair, it's emotionally intelligent, and creates connection between you and your child.
This 'video' lesson is the first skill in the online course "How to get your kids to cooperate, even when they don't want to".
I teach it as the first skill to learn as it just covers so many situations and is the easiest to remember and implement.

And as your child is unique (and often crafty and clever) there are many other skills I cover which unlock their stubbornness and their resistance to do the things you ask of them.

Parenting and teaching is not just about luck and love.
You can intelligently learn great ways to get your children to listen to you, and do all those things you need to get done.. all the while keeping the smiles on their face.

Length: 5:24 mins

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