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The modern day parenting crisis

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We want to parent to the best of our abilities. And at some point on our journey we promise this to our children.

And we want the best for our children.

But how can we prepare them and give them the best chance for happiness and success?

This lecture looks at the top skills that the top companies are looking for in the youth of today. These are the qualities YOU as the parent can develop and nurture in your children.

Your big crisis: Are you sure you want to have an empowered child in your home? We say we want empowered children, but our real challenge is that we don't know how to MANAGE an empowered child.

Parents are giving up on the boundaries and discipline that they were used to because they don't want to be seen as harsh, or overbearing.

Taken from the online parenting course: "How to avoid raising a BRAT who is unlikeable and won't listen."

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Length: 3:10 mins

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