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Ouch! My bad parenting skills could be costing me over $100 000!

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The most important thing about understanding our modern day parenting crisis is knowing how much this crisis could be costing us.

But we know it costs us frustration and patience.

In this lecture I show you how we calculate how much time we are wasting, as well as how much this could be costing us in money!

45 minutes x 7 days = 22 hours per month x12 months = 270 hours in a year.

That's an extra 18 days holiday for you!

And.... if you had used this time for earning more money you could have bought a really great house with the money you made if you learned new skills to get cooperation from your kids!

Taken from the online parenting course: "How to avoid raising a BRAT who is unlikeable and wont listen."

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Length: 7:43 mins

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