Alternatives to saying "NO!, DON'T or STOP!" without giving in to your child.

Moving from surviving to thriving by putting in place any type of boundary, in any place at any time, with all ages.

  1. Over 38 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  2. How to say NO! in a way that is respectful and empowering.
  3. What to say instead of "Don't do that! Stop it!" that actually makes them feel good about themselves.
  4. Put in place a range of boundaries without giving in to your children.
  5. Unlock the resentment and sour faces when you say NO to your children.
  6. How to get their children to come up with their own solutions instead of complaining how unfair you are.
  7. Get your child to stop doing what you don't want them to do, without angry fights and guilty feelings of punishment.
  8. Be able to pinpoint why you say NO, understand what need of yours you are protecting, and how to transform that into everyday breakthroughs.
  9. Use emotionally intelligent skills that only therapists use because no one knows how to teach them.
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 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Alex Stockdale5 star small

"I am in a profession (Social Work) where I work with families on a daily basis. An aspect of my role is helping families to communicate more effectively and to encourage parents to use more positive parenting techniques. This course along with Robin's other courses have proved so beneficial in helping me improve my effectiveness in doing this."

Gwen Cappinon5 star small

"This is the second course I've done from Robin and I'm impressed with how complete the set of skills is that we're left with. It also covers a full age range and the section on toddlers was very good for quick ways to get out of unpleasant situations with a child with low attention span/verbal skills. I really appreciated the peeling back layers when Robin looks at our own core needs. Beware though: after taking this course you become super aware of your own behaviour and other carers' around you! Although we'd been trying to implement many skills described here in the past, all I could hear was my partner saying "no/don't/stop... or I will..." I did not take the course for self improvement but it will definitely also do that!"

Hemal Thakore5 star small

"Practical and very valuable for parents and anybody looking to improve their abilities to engage and be responsible for children."

Michael Bootzin5 star small

"Finally made it through the lectures!. Really great stuff. It looks like this would really work when both parents ar consistant. In situations where the kids o from house to house that home rules and parenting techniques change this is where the parents needs some form of "contract" or some kind agreement in how they will communicate to eachother and the kids. great lecture thanks!!!"

Armin JR5 star small

"Practical, intuitive, well presented."

Erna Venter5 star small

"This course is engaging and informative from the start to the end. Robin, the instructor kept my attention focused on what was being spoken about. Regardless to what degree your involvement with children (parent or grandparent), this really is an excellent course on learning literally what to say other than just NO and then to still get what you are wanting your children to do. This was well worth my time and money as I now have a new skill to powerfully engage with my grandchildren."

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