Boost your kid's self esteem and success with praise skills

Increase your child's confidence and success with this step by step guide (while avoiding the risk of over praising).

  1. Over 29 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  2. Consciously and strategically increase your child's self esteem and confidence.
  3. Be able to praise whenever you want to, no matter how you feel about it.
  4. Know which praise words and phrases to avoid as those words do more damage than good.
  5. You will be able to use 10 different and awesome praise techniques with your children.
  6. You will have a plan of action to adapt each skill to your specific family situation.
  7. You will know how to always praise honestly and authentically, everytime, and as many times as you wish. No risk of over praising.
  8. You will have summary print out sheets to help you integrate the skills into every day practise.
  9. You will have access to our skill integration programme to help you remember these over a 3 week period.
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  11. Or click here to pay the discounted price of only $10 (instead of $40) (pay via my website and we cut out the middle-person)
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