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Making it to the top with the world’s No. 1 Wealth Coach, JT FOXX

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Making it to the top with the world’s No. 1 Wealth Coach, JT FOXX

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Six months ago my story sounded very different. I had kept doing what I had always done and had kept getting what I had always got. Then something changed.
My results in the last 6 months:

•    A $15 million property development on the table;
•    Started, grew and monetised three different businesses, two of which are global;
•    Spoke on seven different stages with audiences up to 1800 people, in different cities, sharing wealth creation strategies and coaching outcomes;
•    Interviewed on stage some amazing people like Ndaba Mandela and Randi Zuckerberg;
•    Coached high net worth clients to take their businesses to the next level;
•    Will be featured in a high profile magazine for my international property and capital company.

My story was quite different just a year ago and I can still hear the words coming from JT Foxx at one of his events.

“I’ll take you to the top with me!” he says in front of an audience of 2500 people. One year ago, I was one of those faces in the crowd, trying to figure out how I could also ride that rocket to success he was promising us.

JT Foxx with Robin Booth

For months I kept coming back to his events, and each time I saw that there were new faces who were accelerating their growth and success by trusting JT’s promise to them. But what was it that they had that I needed? I kept asking myself this question. And at each event, I kept hearing more stories of successful students on their path to success.

I knew I could work hard (I had started a private educational school in 2005 and was principal until 2010). I knew I was smart enough and was good at creative strategies. So what more did I have to do?

There is no doubt JT Foxx is an excellent salesman. But you would be mistaken if you think he is really selling products and courses.

He is selling me (and yes you too) the vision of what is possible for us in our lives. The possibility of fulfilment, drive, wealth and leaving a legacy. He sees, he believes and even knows that the easy part is in the steps and strategy to take us to the top. But the most difficult part is in getting us to see and believe this for ourselves.

JT quote

And he has proof to back this up. His results don’t lie. He has taken more people along with him to the top of their game than any other coach or promoter. His success stories fill the web with pages of heartfelt thanks and gratitude, 'JT Foxx' is even becoming a household name.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that getting to the top is about money and fame. JT is very clear about this because he is not asking us to be another famous celebrity. He is asking, and pushing us, to be the best form of ourselves such that we achieve greatness in all the ways we choose to.

For me, my life changed the moment I decided to put my energies and focus into creating the new, opposed to being afraid and avoiding the unknown. I joined the JT Foxx #familyfirst.

Pretty soon I was on stage interviewing celebrities. I had some backstage time with the other international speakers and more connections were made.  Over the next weeks and months JT kept fulfilling on his promise.

Robin Booth on stage

He invited me to share the stage with him at the National Achievers Conference, then at one of his events in Cape Town, and then at his home in Florida, USA. He showed my pictures in his presentations and acknowledged the progress I had been making in getting to the top.

JT Foxx showing my banner up Island Peak

JT Foxx sharing my picures of my banner in his presentations

All through this process he kept pushing me to see that it was only my limiting beliefs that were slowing me down and holding me back.

And then one day he said, “Jump!”

I had been invited to join his team for the launching of the Mega Entrepreneur events in South Africa. A whirlwind 4 cities in 4 days with each day starting at 04:00 and ending after 22:00 at night.
It was here on this tour that I found the piece of the puzzle I had been looking for. We have seen the professional and charismatic JT Foxx on stage and then there is the more relaxed JT Foxx at his house with his students.

At JT Foxx's house in the USA

At JT Foxx's USA house with my whole family.

And then there is the JT Foxx, the man with the heart of the African Lion.

JT Lion on stage

On stage at Mega Partnering

The African Lion is a prominent logo for JT Foxx. There is no doubt about the power and influence JT yields. You’ve heard him roar, you’ve seen him pounce and protect, but behind the scenes the true heart of the African Lion shines through.

Through that weeklong tour I saw JT reach out to inspire thousands and to ignite in them the possibility of a great future for themselves. He put everything and all into those days, and kept going even when his voice began to fail.

“Jump!” he said to me.

Half way through that South African Mega Entrepreneur tour, JT came up to me and said, “Robin, I want you to do an hour long presentation onstage to finish off the day.”

I jumped.

Later on that day, standing there on stage sharing with the audience the strategies to help them create their global financial wealth, I could see myself in each of their faces. The difficulty was not in giving them the strategy on how to do it, but in getting them to believe in the vision of what was possible for themselves and their lives.

Robin Booth Stage talk

Right at that moment, my vision cleared and what was just a possibility for me in my life solidified into the reality I am now creating for myself, for my family, and for other investors who come along with me.    

I am making it to the top with the world’s number 1 wealth coach, JT FOXX.  

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