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Understanding the Language-Transition phase will really help you keep your cool when you know your child has heard you, but still doesn't do what you have asked.

This lesson looks at the developmental stages of young children and how their language development is faster than their levels of self discipline and control.

You will also explore the difference between distraction based techniques, and language based techniques, and when to use one, or the other, or both. 

You need your children to cooperate with you. And best to learn how to get them to do so before you get really angry with them.

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A child that keeps nagging and whining pushes nearly every parent's buttons. 

And it seems that regardless of the issue your child is whining about, what seems to bug the most is the WAY in which they bring it to your attention. When they whine like that it kind of comes from a victim-entitlement attitude.

So what we are wanting is to support our children in speaking 'CLEARLY' to us, so we can actually 'HEAR' what they are saying, and maybe out of that we can support them.

Just telling your child NOT to whine is like putting fuel on a fire... it's counter productive and leaves them feeling like you don't care. 

This lesson gives you the exact wording you can say that will get your child to stop whining and move you forward in resolving what is needed.

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When it comes to bedtime, children can come up with incredibly imaginative ways to keep you by their side. And monsters hiding under the bed is one of them.

And as obvious as it may be to you as the parent that there are no monsters under the bed, and you can prove this to them, they still don't believe you.

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What is the future of education? What will schools teach in the future? Or more importantly, what should the school be teaching tight now!

Robin is interviewed by one of the Top Parent Podcasts listed on iTunes.

Children on holiday, extended family cramped into your house, patience decreasing and tensions mounting?

The holiday season has its risks: The statistics show increased divorce and suicide rates! Now this may not be due to parenting challenges but there is no doubt that this period of time has its parenting downs as well as highs.

So here are my top 3 skills for managing the lows, and building up the highs, so you can move from Survive to Thrive over the holiday season.

  1. Describing what you see to get cooperation
  2. Giving yourself time to think so you respond intelligently opposed to reacting with threats
  3. Building them up and increasing the feeling of love and connectedness.
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You want your child to be more polite and respectful.

But how do you get that? And how do you get her to feel inspired to take on that challenge?

Robin shows you the results of a problem solving session where she rated herself at a 4 out of 10 in being respectful at the beginning of the session, and ended off with a big smile and inspired by the possibilty of being 10 out of 10 and a role model for her family!


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This is the most powerful model of the star chart concept that I know. Its the simplest and most powerful of all the models as it requires the least skill, the least time and effort, and is the simplest to understand for both you and your child.


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Randi Zuckerberg and her brother Mark started Facebook together. In many ways she has been accredited with the phenomenal growth of Facebook due to her marketing skills. And she is a parent.

I met her last year (2013) in the USA, and have listed below the Top 5 things I learnt from her during that  conversation on parenting, children and what motivates people. 

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So you have some conflict between your children? Maybe they are fighting over a toy? Maybe you are at a child's party and the other parents are watching you. The pressure is on.

Here is a sharing from Amanda, a parent who has done my workshops.

Read how she worked with the conflict, how she supported the children with their ideas, and how she created the flow again, in spite of a high degree of 'uncertainty'.

She uses the process of Conscious Conflict Resolution and gets a 'high five' result.

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Star charts: The Perseverance Model

Just one model of a star chart is not enough.

Your child may be excited to start, but if they don't experience some form of success continously, they may lose interest and drive.

So how do you keep them motivated, even while they may be slipping up and not always succeeding at what they are learning?

Learning is a process... so read on to find out how to keep their sprits up and feeling they are succeeding and getting closer to their goal.

The Perseverance model....


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