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If you want your children to cooperatre and listen to you the first time around, then try this skill first!

Why? Well.... because it works.. no matter the age of the child, and in nearly all situations.

It's clever, it's fair, it's emotionally intelligent, and creates connection between you and your child.

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Zuckerberg has a secret, and I think I have discovered it!

Zuckerberg is a household name throughout most of the world. Millions of people use Facebook and know that Mark Zuckerberg is the founder. 

And his sister, Randi Zuckerberg, is also known as the one who took Facebook to the next level.

I got to connect to her (both on and off stage), and asked her about how she builds connection and trust, both as a parent and as a succesful business person.

Here she shares her tips for creating this success, but the real secret is how she makes people feel when they speak to her.

The Mandela name is famous throughout the world. But did he pass on those values and that humility to his children and grandchildren? And how did Madiba understand success? I was determined to find out when I interviewed his grandson Ndaba Mandela (see the video of the interview)

This lesson comes from my latest online course and covers my favourite skill and the one I use each and every day without any risk of over doing it.

  1. Describe what you see or hear without judging it as good or bad.
  2. Share what your favourite part is.

In any situation you will always have one 'part' that you prefer to another. Therefore by using this skill you will never be lying, or be inauthentic. And you don't even have to know what you are praising.

Describing your favourite part is the skill most used by parents as there is no risk of overpraising or 'fake' praising.

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