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If you keep living your life as you are currently doing so now.... and you get to the age of 90, what will you look back on and regret?

Nearly all of us regret what we don't do. Rarely do with regret what we do as each mistake becomes a learning and every experience holds meaning.

Make sure your regrets of what you didn't do don't end up as weights on the shoulders of your chidlren because you didn't follow your own dreams first.

And if your biggest wish is that your children are happy and follow their dreams, you will need to set that example for them.

I am sure every parent that struggles with sibling rivalry wishes their children could have a relationship like this one. And it's possible. There are some amazing skills to learn to create these deep relationships. Conflict resolution, problem solving, listening with intent, engaging cooperation etc are just a few. Check out the Siblings with Success workshop session to learn them.

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