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The courses for you

The courses for you

The top 20 questions and answers to become a better parent (FREE course)

Emotionally intelligent solutions to your everyday parenting questions - the resource for successful parenting.

  • You can get this course for FREE
  • Over 27 lectures and 2 hours of content
  • Know how to stop your child's whining and sulking behaviour
  • Use alternatives to yelling and shouting, keeping your child's dignity in tact
  • Put in place effective boundaries with the 3 D's to intelligent boundaries
  • Understand why some children listen to you, but don't do what you ask
  • Know how to apply the developmental stages of child development
  • Learn why 'TIME-OUT' chairs do more damage than good
  • Deal with your child's school separation anxiety
  • Enrol in this coruse FOR FREE

 Watch the intro video: 2 mins

How to avoid raising a brat who is unlikeable and wont listen.

Empower yourself by knowing the parenting style you need for happy and successful kids. Get it right the first time!

  1. Instead of paying $97, get this course as a FREE gift here (no strings attached but for a limited time only
  2. Over 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  3. Learn the skill of how to express your anger so your children HEAR you instead of FEAR you.
  4. Learn the one-word-technique that will transform bad behaviour to respectable behaviour.
  5. Trying to preventing your child from failing is a mistake: Learn how to support them through it.
  6. Learn how to be a fun and spontaneous parent while still having consistent boundaries.
  7. Know what you unintentionally may be doing that is damaging your child.
  8. Implement the 3 step formula for solving any parenting problem.
  9. Calculate how much your parenting skills are costing you in time and money.
  10. Implement 2 quick skills in getting your children to cooperate and listen to you.
  11. Find out more here

 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Nikolay Kuznetsov5 star small

"Great course! We have stuck with 2 toddlers fighting with each other. After this course and course about cooperation we cracked this problem. Thank you!"

Adolfo Foronda5 star small

"Successfully used the advice in this course."

Patricia Silva5 star small

"Robin explains everything in a very clear way, his examples are right on the money and I can't wait to see what else is to come so I can start applying his techniques. I really need this course. Thank you!"

Niltza Hurtado5 star small

"Great training. I has been using some of these skills since I started with it and the outcomes have been awesome."

Juan5 star small

"Very interesting and enlightening! We definitely need to change the paradigms and Robin is telling us how The tools that Robin teaches us are useful, smart and practical for parents' everyday life. I feel grateful and wiser now"

Kris Orlikowski5 star small

"Robin is the real expert in the topic. But the most appreciated aspect of this course for me is the way he teaches all the concepts. It's very easy to follow and see how to put into practice. I really like that he gives couple of real life examples of how it may look to implement particular skill in most common situations. He even get examples of the same rule for different age groups. It so easy to transfer provided examples into my own family patterns and routines. I strongly recommend that for every parent."

Charles McQuay5 star small

"I wish this video had been available 20 years ago when I was raising my oldest. This course is an excellent resource to help you learn basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence, which is the basis for modern-day parenting and indeed all mature relationships. These videos will help you learn how to teach your kids WHAT TO DO...not just "WHAT NOT TO DO." I have a child with diagnoses of O.D.D. and autism spectrum, and have already used some of the techniques particularly the descriptive praise) to good effect. Thank you Robin Booth for providing this resource to struggling parents. Better than therapy as far as I'm concerned."


Watch the intro video: 2 mins

How to get your children to cooperate, even when they don't want to

Avoid the shouting, threats, and bribes with these Emotionally Intelligent skills and boundaries - (toddler to teen).

  1. In English with a choice of subtitles in English, Spanish andAfrikaans
  2. Over 31 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  3. Skills that will save you time and energy every day with less shouting, fighting, or resentment!
  4. Understand what you are doing that makes your child stubborn and resist you
  5. Discover what successful parents do that you can copy
  6. Know the risks and pitfalls to avoid your children getting really angry with you
  7. Learn the actual words that create conflict and tension in your household, and change those words and you suddenly get cooperation (this is a science, not just 'magic')
  8. Set quick boundaries with your children listening the first time!
  9. Get your children to persevere and not give up on their challenges!
  10. Get your children to have an "I can..." attitude instead of them being a victim and "I can't do it..."
  11. Find out more here

Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Martin Blaise5 star small

"Excellent, accessible and intelligent content. Brings hope to me about the chance of becoming a better parent. Robin is well spoken entertaining and interesting to listen to."

Nelia Tasioulas5 star small

"It offers brilliant, practical and to the point skills which I can see immediately will work... it all makes so much sense and one wonders why you did not know the stuff instinctively."

Erna Venter5 star small

"Excellent! Thank you Robin for your amazing insights into how to get my grandson to cooperate with us. He just turned 2 and I have found that the skill of giving him choices works wonderfully. It seems like he is thinking more about the 2 choices I give him than what I asked him to do. Even at such a young age, we can see huge differences applying your skills."

Carlton Miller5 star small

"Very good material...fantastic course!!"

Laura Son5 star small

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has helped me implement new classroom management skills in a more positive and proactive manner. Whilst I know that this course is addressed to parents, I have started to use them in my classroom and had a few good results, and I'm even more eager to see the progression over the year. I would love feedback and ideas from educators implementing these skills that are pertinent to the school environment."

Vivek Agarwal5 star small

 "Very Practical and Useable skills to be able to manage myself and my child for better development between both"

Usual Veramontes5 star small

"I highly recommend this course to help you and your child to become a disciplined and emotionally strong family."

Luciano Gallo5 star small

"Very good explanation focused on three core skills every parents need to learn."

Tania Marchand5 star small

"Because I can visualizd my son embracing the power that comes with him having input and choice."

 Ruth Powell5 star small

"I find the course material clearly explained and the steps manageable. I really like the reviews and the quizzes. The tables are also visually useful. Robin presents the material in a well structured and varied way."

Rochard Jacobs5 star small

"Balancing ones power and authority with another persons dignity is not something we often consider nor acknowledge. I feel that this reality was aptly acknowledged and the method of approach well thought out."

Ursual da Polo5 star small

"Lots of good insights and information. If you have questions, Robin is also very responsive which is great! I really liked the information and try to be aware of my tools to appropriately use them with my kids."

Julie da Silva5 star small

 "I find that since I use the setting the boundaries and giving the two options has made such a huge difference. My son's confidence has improved as it feels like he is now making the choice and is responsible for it. The how do you think we should do this is also an awesome technique cause it is his idea and I tell you his solutions are awesome. So much more responsible and want to take on new challenges. Like cooking - he is 8 - love it! Also tried the technique where you describe and comment on something he has just done, worked like a charm, and boosted his self confidence. He recently had to do an oral for school and instead of saying the usual well done - I am so proud of you. I focused on his excellent facial expressions that were so appropriate for each particular situation. Well his face just beamed with pride. So thank you Robin for helping me appreciate the little things and helping me change my son to do what I want without him feeling that I am demanding. This course is extremely beneficial for both parent and child alike. Thank you and congratulations. Keep well, Keep smiling and God bless - would give you 5 stars!!!!"

...and so many more you can read online!

 Watch the intro video: 2 mins

Alternatives to saying "NO!, DON'T or STOP!" without giving in to your child.

Moving from surviving to thriving by putting in place any type of boundary, in any place at any time, with all ages.

  1. Over 38 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  2. How to say NO! in a way that is respectful and empowering.
  3. What to say instead of "Don't do that! Stop it!" that actually makes them feel good about themselves.
  4. Put in place a range of boundaries without giving in to your children.
  5. Unlock the resentment and sour faces when you say NO to your children.
  6. How to get their children to come up with their own solutions instead of complaining how unfair you are.
  7. Get your child to stop doing what you don't want them to do, without angry fights and guilty feelings of punishment.
  8. Be able to pinpoint why you say NO, understand what need of yours you are protecting, and how to transform that into everyday breakthroughs.
  9. Use emotionally intelligent skills that only therapists use because no one knows how to teach them.
  10. Find out more here

 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Alex Stockdale5 star small

"I am in a profession (Social Work) where I work with families on a daily basis. An aspect of my role is helping families to communicate more effectively and to encourage parents to use more positive parenting techniques. This course along with Robin's other courses have proved so beneficial in helping me improve my effectiveness in doing this."

Gwen Cappinon5 star small

"This is the second course I've done from Robin and I'm impressed with how complete the set of skills is that we're left with. It also covers a full age range and the section on toddlers was very good for quick ways to get out of unpleasant situations with a child with low attention span/verbal skills. I really appreciated the peeling back layers when Robin looks at our own core needs. Beware though: after taking this course you become super aware of your own behaviour and other carers' around you! Although we'd been trying to implement many skills described here in the past, all I could hear was my partner saying "no/don't/stop... or I will..." I did not take the course for self improvement but it will definitely also do that!"

Hemal Thakore5 star small

"Practical and very valuable for parents and anybody looking to improve their abilities to engage and be responsible for children."

Michael Bootzin5 star small

"Finally made it through the lectures!. Really great stuff. It looks like this would really work when both parents ar consistant. In situations where the kids o from house to house that home rules and parenting techniques change this is where the parents needs some form of "contract" or some kind agreement in how they will communicate to eachother and the kids. great lecture thanks!!!"

Armin JR5 star small

"Practical, intuitive, well presented."

Erna Venter5 star small

"This course is engaging and informative from the start to the end. Robin, the instructor kept my attention focused on what was being spoken about. Regardless to what degree your involvement with children (parent or grandparent), this really is an excellent course on learning literally what to say other than just NO and then to still get what you are wanting your children to do. This was well worth my time and money as I now have a new skill to powerfully engage with my grandchildren."

... and there is still more!


 Watch the intro video: 2 mins

 Boost your kid's self esteem and success with praise skills

Increase your child's confidence and success with this step by step guide (while avoiding the risk of over praising).

  1. Over 29 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  2. Consciously and strategically increase your child's self esteem and confidence.
  3. Be able to praise whenever you want to, no matter how you feel about it.
  4. Know which praise words and phrases to avoid as those words do more damage than good.
  5. You will be able to use 10 different and awesome praise techniques with your children.
  6. You will have a plan of action to adapt each skill to your specific family situation.
  7. You will know how to always praise honestly and authentically, everytime, and as many times as you wish. No risk of over praising.
  8. You will have summary print out sheets to help you integrate the skills into every day practise.
  9. You will have access to our skill integration programme to help you remember these over a 3 week period.
  10. Find out more here

Watch the intro video: 2 mins

Good manners for kids, how to get them to say PLEASE and be POLITE

Raise a polite child who has more friends and is better liked by teachers. Step by step skills to improve their success.

  1. Over 23 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  2. Know the risks and pitfalls to avoid while asking for Politeness!
  3. You will be able to get your child to say PLEASE and be polite without threats or punishment.
  4. You will realise that just one word you say can make everything work, or just fall apart. Yep… just one word and I will show you what that is.
  5. Find fun ways to get your family on board instead of this being just another chore for everyone.
  6. Learn what you should never say when you are trying to get them to say PLEASE.
  7. You will learn how to deal with various responses from your child that will enable you to get them back on track.
  8. Understand what you are doing that makes your child stubborn and resist you teaching them about being polite!
  9. Learn the simple sentences that allow you to correct your child’s impoliteness without making them feel bad or resent y
  10. Find out more here

 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Karen5 star small

"I loved watching the other parents learn these skills! The role plays were really useful and incredible practical. And the minute to win it game will be really useful to create some fun about this opposed to just blaming my child for not being polite! The instructor gave many possible scenarios and clearly knows his stuff as he had great insight into things I had never thought about, or realized!"

Teresa  Stott5 star small

"The instructor clearly knows what he's talking about and he practices what he preaches. I appreciated seeing how he uses these models in a real life scenario. I found the information delivered in a very engaging way and it left me inspired and hopeful. As a parent who has felt like I'm just hitting my head against a wall trying to get my kid potty trained, having all these different methods to try, gives me hope. It's a shame that these methods weren't discussed in any of the potty training books I read. I wish I had found this course sooner! There are so many uses and it's something that can grow and modify as my child ages. It's even something we can use as adults to improve ourselves."

Angela Brumfield5 star small

"This course teaches simple and effective ways to teach children to be polite without constant nagging or punishments. I've even had some luck with my 1 year old using what I've learned in this course. While he can't talk yet, he has quickly learned to ask with a polite tone rather than the screech he was developing. Thanks for another great course!"

Jenny Hammilton5 star small

"The proof of this course in the quick results i got! In just a week of doing this course and trying out the different models, I got him to do his homework, by himself, neatly and completely, without me nagging or reminding him. This has caused us so much conflict and tension over the last 2 years that I had just given up. In doing this course, I have found a new hope for my family. The instructor has lived these challenges himself so his proof speaks more than just the theory. Another great course by Robin Booth!"

Theresa Johnson5 star small

"Wow, a really good course. I did, in fact, have resistance and I can't say that it is entirely gone. I look at this as a good thing. We all want the best for our children and we want to give them help in developing guidelines, this course does just that. It is really a course about respect and asking for what you are wanting, and I don't just mean the children. Robin gives a way to now shrink from asking for what you want and give a way for children to do the same. Well done Robin, Challenge yourself and take this course, you and your famly will be better off for it."

Sophia Brandt5 star small

"This is a very informative course with great quality. Robin Booth has a way of breaking down the concepts so that they are easy to learn. The course is paced very well, video and audio quality are good. As the course is mostly a filmed workshop it is interesting and helpful to see how other parents are learning and applying the skills. The instructor not only teaches you the basics, he also explains how to create a better learning environment for your children. I like how the course helps you to teach your kids to be polite while coming from a position of respect and politeness towards them as well. Since using the skills, I tend to be more polite as well. :-) All in all, a very well-rounded and practical course."

Rene Venter5 star small

"This course is very powerful with simple skills to get your child to be polite. I definitely got more than what I wanted to learn from this course. Robin’s passion and enthusiasm shines during his presentation. His one sentence skill and minute game for getting your child to say please has been so simple and incredibility effective. Thanks Robin for another great course which makes parenting fun and light.".

. and there is still more!


Watch the intro video: 2 mins

What your child wants to know from you before you die.

 Answers to the the most important life questions you have on capturing your love, wishes and memories for your children.

  1. Over 16 lectures and 53 mins of content!
  2. Answer the 6 most important questions your children want answers to in case you die early.
  3. Create a "LIVING MEMORY WILL" in case you die early.
  4. Create a strategy to 'cheat death' so your legacy carries on for your children.
  5. Know the 5 questions to ask your child so they are ready to record their own conscious memories.
  6. Create the steps to share your 'parenting journey' so when your children are parents themselves, they will understand why you parent how you do right now.
  7. Capture and record your most valuable thoughts and memories for your children.
  8. Click here and pay FULL price = $25 (you pay at the UDEMY website)
  9. Or click here to pay the discounted price of only $22 (instead of $25) (pay via my website and we cut out the middle-person)
  10. Find out more (you will be taken to the UDEMY site. If you want the discounted price we suggest you come back to this page.)

 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Sophia Brandt5 star small

"This course introduces some methods on how to capture memories for you and your children. Good, solid advice. Delivery was interesting and engaging, the instructors were very authentic. Recommended."

Tani Vickers5 star small

"This course made me realize the importance of documenting my memories of my son. I really struggled to remember some of my own memories as a child. I would have loved to have heard what my parents’ thoughts and experiences were of me and to see how they may have dealt with parenting me. I am so glad that I have done this course now, as my son is only 2, so I have not missed out on too many years. Thanks Robin and Rene for sharing your personal memories with me. I really value the added information on this course such as the questions I now can use as a guideline to capture my memories of my son and of my own journey parenting him."

Jenny Hamilton5 star small

"A really insightful course that doesn't waste your time, but gets you to think about some of the most important things we value in our lives. My daughter died a few years back and I really wish I had watched this course and done what Robin has suggested. And it was really helpful to know the precise questions to ask and answer. They really make sense. So from one parent to another.... this is a priceless gift."

Watch the intro video: 2 mins

Haz que tus hijos cooperen incluso si no quieren hacerlo.

Evita los gritos, amenazas y sobornos con estas habilidades emocionalmente inteligentes y límites – (niño a adolescente)

  • Habilidades que te ahorraran tiempo y energía cada día con menos gritos, discusiones o resentimientos.​
  • Entiende que estás haciendo que hace a tu hijo terco y que se te oponga.​
  • Descubre lo que los padres exitosos hacen y que tu puedes copiar.​
  • Conoce los riesgos y trampas para evitar que tus hijos se molesten mucho contigo.​
  • Aprende las palabras actuales que crean conflicto y tensión en tu hogar, y cambia esas palabras e inesperadamente recibirás cooperación (esto es una ciencia, no solo “magia”).​
  • Obtén cooperación instantánea de tus hijos.​
  • Coloca límites rápidos con tus hijos escuchando la primera vez.​
  • Haz que tus hijos perseveren y no se rindan a sus desafíos.​
  • Haz que tus hijos tengan una actitud de “Yo puedo…” en vez de ser una víctima y “Yo no puedo hacerlo”.​
  • Tu estilo de crianza impacta su desarrollo de personalidad – descubre como estar confiado y no dejar esto a la suerte.​
  • Pague el precio descontado de $15

 Ver el vídeo de introducción: 2 mins