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Get results with these online courses! Over 7000 parents enrolled world wide!

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Watch our skill videos on our YouTube channel- new videos released every week!

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How to avoid raising a BRAT who is unlikeable and wont listen.Enrol in one of Robin's landmark courses as a gift to you, no strings attached!

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In this clip these parents share the dramatic solutions they found to some of their every day parenting problems. Seperation anxiety, sibling rivalry, tantrums, saving time, etc

En español!


Haz que tus hijos cooperen incluso si no quieren hacerlo!

 Evita los gritos, amenazas y sobornos con estas habilidades emocionalmente inteligentes y límites – (niño a adolescente)

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Check out other parents stories and videos of how they used the skills and got breakthrough after breakthrough

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Collaboration, partnerships and working with leaders in the education and learning!

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Other workshops by Robin


  • 01 Inviting Cooperation
  • 02 From punishment to Guidance
  • 03 Alternatvies to saying NO! You can't!
  • 04 Setting Effective and lasting Boundaries
  • 05 Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Series

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