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Transforming a struggling child into a successful achiever
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Giving parents intelligent solutions to their everyday parenting challenges. Getting instant cooperation instead of punishing. Learn strategic skills on how to building confidence and self esteem. Learn from the leading expert so you don't have to pay the price of an unhappy and resentful child. 


Robin founded and started the Synergy Schooling Approach in 2004. The approach was the first of it's kind, demonstrating that education can also prioritise the synergies of emotional intelligence and academic performance. What takes 3 weeks to learn in a traditional school, could now be done in just 1 day, and with children loving school!

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Robin is also passionate about property deals, with his own protfolio both local and in the USA. His team focuses on partnerships and win-win deals for people who prioritise life style and family time. Whether you have good deals, or want good deals, Worldwide Capital Partners will support you!

Transforming a struggling child into a successful achiever

If your child's happiness and success in life is not the absence of problems, but in their ability to deal with them, do you know how to make sure they come out the winners?

So here is one of the many video clips from the free EBook bundle, showing this skill in action.

Avoid these techniques!

Here are some of the basic traditional ways of helping children that you should avoid as they don't really work as they undermine children opposed to empower them.

Oh don't worry. This is easy. You'll get it soon. The child's response: I must be stupid, right? You say it is easy and I still can't do it. And then you deny my feelings and my perception by saying don't worry. But I am worried!
Come on. Try a little harder and you'll get it right. The child's response: I am trying the best I can and it's still not enough. Your words of "come on" don't offer encouragement: they imply I am falling behind.
Your brother learnt it in a few minutes so it should be quite easy. The child's response: Thanks for comparing me to others. And what if I don't get it in a few minutes but my brother did. Then I am even more stupid.
You're a big boy now. Come on. The child's response: I so want to be a big boy but if big boys can get it and I can't, then it means I am still a small boy. And “come on” doesn’t motivate me.
Don't give up. You're a fighter. Fighter's don't give up. The child's response: I'm not in the army. And I don't really want to be a fighter. Fighters get hurt. But I don't want to disappoint you either. Now I'm even more stuck.
Don't be pathetic. Only losers don't carry on. The child's response: That's right. Make me feel even worse than I do at the moment. I get you don't love losers, do you?

My parents and teachers used these techniques on me, thinking that I would be inspired to persevere. But in more cases than not I just simply gave up. And as well intentioned as my parents were, it took me a long time to figure out that it wasn't really their fault that they did not know any other skills and techniques that could have supported so much more and caused less damage to my self esteem.

Everyday I ask myself these questions:

  • how can I make sure my child doesn't just give up when they are stuck without really giving it a really good go?
  • how can I make sure they don't just throw their life away because I didn't give them a high confidence?
  • she seems so nervous from the start that she refuses to even try? If she doesn't even try then how will she ever succeed?

Here is your FREE solution on how to solve this while avoiding the guilt, the threats and the long term damage you may be causing without knowing it.

The solution to this problem is one of the TOP 3 skills that I believe ever parent should know but was never taught. And I really want you to know it so you can give your child the best start to their already challenged-full-lives.

Just click here to download your FREE e-book called "The Top 3 skills every parent needs to know but was never taught". With the book comes after reading support as well as over 15 more video clips like the one below. Or read on to find out more about this skill.


Here's the Biggest Mistake Parents Make when trying to support their children.

When we see our children struggling with something, we are afraid that they will give up too early without giving it a good go. So what do we do? We try and make it look easier than it is.

  • "Oh, it's not that difficult"
  • "It wont take long now. The hard part is over"
  • "You're very clever so this shouldn't be too difficult."

But the biggest mistake is that children are wanting us to support them in stepping up to overcome the challenge, instead of trying to make it look easier for them. If we are struggling with easy things, then what does that say about us?

Take this intelligent skill as an example.
Your child is struggling to tie their shoelaces and this is the classic standard response.

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But that technique actually makes your child look stupid because they are struggling with something that should be easy. Your child is most likely going to give up now.

So try this instead:

  • Step 1: show respect for their struggle by starting with the words "Sometimes it can be tricky when...."
  • Step 2: If you now wish to give advice on how better to do it, then start this sentence with "It sometimes helps if..."

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The FREE e-book is FILLED with intelligent skills and solutions like this one. So here are the benefits of the book and how you will learn this step by step. Here are some pages from your FREE book.

If you can't see the picture, then make sure your e-mail programme allows you to see pictures.

sample page 2

sample pafe 4

This is why I wrote the book.

I want to support you in being the best parent you can be. And I want to make it as easy and effortless as possible. It took me years to figure out what works, and then many more years to figure out how to make this work for other parents. And if you ant your friends to have this book, then just click the e-mail button on the top right of this page.

This is all for FREE. Just download it now and see the instant results.

Just click here to download your FREE e-book called "The Top 3 skills every parent needs to know but was never taught".


  • Avoid the long term damage on your child's self esteem because you didn't know these skills.
  • Find ways to get what you want without threats and guilt and crushing that spontaneous spirit in your child.
  • Be the intelligent and empowered parent you really want to be because you KNOW what to do.


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