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The value of getting a child to do extra homework is not about force feeding them with irrelevant information and time consuming content, but in supporting them in the skills of self discipline, planning, organisational development and perseverance.

 But regardless of the REASON as to why your child has extra homework to do, the skills needed to get them to do so can be the same. 

We have found that what works best is to focus on the values that underpin the extra work, and not on the actual content of the work.

 So if your child has extra MATH to catch up, what we aim to develop (and celebrate), is increasing her self discipline to stay focused, and to persevere, in spite of her being bored and wanting to give up. 

These internal values (characteristics) are what support her in being successful in whatever she takes on in life. These values are within her control, and reflect the effort she puts in.

Learn how to tap into this motivational drive and then extra homework becomes easier.

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