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Courses for you - Cooperation

Courses for you - Cooperation

How to get your children to cooperate, even when they don't want to

Avoid the shouting, threats, and bribes with these Emotionally Intelligent skills and boundaries - (toddler to teen).

  1. $10 instread of $75.
  2. In English with a choice of subtitles in English, Spanish, Afrikaans and Nepali
  3. Over 31 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  4. Skills that will save you time and energy every day with less shouting, fighting, or resentment!
  5. Understand what you are doing that makes your child stubborn and resist you
  6. Discover what successful parents do that you can copy
  7. Know the risks and pitfalls to avoid your children getting really angry with you
  8. Learn the actual words that create conflict and tension in your household, and change those words and you suddenly get cooperation (this is a science, not just 'magic')
  9. Set quick boundaries with your children listening the first time!
  10. Get your children to persevere and not give up on their challenges!
  11. Get your children to have an "I can..." attitude instead of them being a victim and "I can't do it..."
  12. Click here and pay $10 instread of $75.

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Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Martin Blaise5 star small

"Excellent, accessible and intelligent content. Brings hope to me about the chance of becoming a better parent. Robin is well spoken entertaining and interesting to listen to."

Nelia Tasioulas5 star small

"It offers brilliant, practical and to the point skills which I can see immediately will work... it all makes so much sense and one wonders why you did not know the stuff instinctively."

Erna Venter5 star small

"Excellent! Thank you Robin for your amazing insights into how to get my grandson to cooperate with us. He just turned 2 and I have found that the skill of giving him choices works wonderfully. It seems like he is thinking more about the 2 choices I give him than what I asked him to do. Even at such a young age, we can see huge differences applying your skills."

Carlton Miller5 star small

"Very good material...fantastic course!!"

Laura Son5 star small

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has helped me implement new classroom management skills in a more positive and proactive manner. Whilst I know that this course is addressed to parents, I have started to use them in my classroom and had a few good results, and I'm even more eager to see the progression over the year. I would love feedback and ideas from educators implementing these skills that are pertinent to the school environment."

Vivek Agarwal5 star small

 "Very Practical and Useable skills to be able to manage myself and my child for better development between both"

Usual Veramontes5 star small

"I highly recommend this course to help you and your child to become a disciplined and emotionally strong family."

Luciano Gallo5 star small

"Very good explanation focused on three core skills every parents need to learn."

Tania Marchand5 star small

"Because I can visualizd my son embracing the power that comes with him having input and choice."

 Ruth Powell5 star small

"I find the course material clearly explained and the steps manageable. I really like the reviews and the quizzes. The tables are also visually useful. Robin presents the material in a well structured and varied way."

Rochard Jacobs5 star small

"Balancing ones power and authority with another persons dignity is not something we often consider nor acknowledge. I feel that this reality was aptly acknowledged and the method of approach well thought out."

Ursual da Polo5 star small

"Lots of good insights and information. If you have questions, Robin is also very responsive which is great! I really liked the information and try to be aware of my tools to appropriately use them with my kids."

Julie da Silva5 star small

 "I find that since I use the setting the boundaries and giving the two options has made such a huge difference. My son's confidence has improved as it feels like he is now making the choice and is responsible for it. The how do you think we should do this is also an awesome technique cause it is his idea and I tell you his solutions are awesome. So much more responsible and want to take on new challenges. Like cooking - he is 8 - love it! Also tried the technique where you describe and comment on something he has just done, worked like a charm, and boosted his self confidence. He recently had to do an oral for school and instead of saying the usual well done - I am so proud of you. I focused on his excellent facial expressions that were so appropriate for each particular situation. Well his face just beamed with pride. So thank you Robin for helping me appreciate the little things and helping me change my son to do what I want without him feeling that I am demanding. This course is extremely beneficial for both parent and child alike. Thank you and congratulations. Keep well, Keep smiling and God bless - would give you 5 stars!!!!"

...and so many more you can read online!

 Watch the intro video: 2 mins