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Parent's Guide Asia

Parent's Guide Asia

How to avoid raising a brat who is unlikeable and wont listen.

Empower yourself by knowing the parenting style you need for happy and successful kids. Get it right the first time!

  1. Instead of paying $65, get this course as a FREE gift here (no strings attached but for a limited time only)
  2. Over 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  3. Learn the skill of how to express your anger so your children HEAR you instead of FEAR you.
  4. Learn the one-word-technique that will transform bad behaviour to respectable behaviour.
  5. Trying to preventing your child from failing is a mistake: Learn how to support them through it.
  6. Learn how to be a fun and spontaneous parent while still having consistent boundaries.
  7. Know what you unintentionally may be doing that is damaging your child.
  8. Implement the 3 step formula for solving any parenting problem.
  9. Calculate how much your parenting skills are costing you in time and money.
  10. Implement 2 quick skills in getting your children to cooperate and listen to you.
  11. Find out more here (you will be taken to the UDEMY site. If you want this course for FREE we suggest you come back to this page to claim it above.) 

 Testimonials? See here why parents and teachers give this course 5/5 stars!

Nikolay Kuznetsov5 star small

"Great course! We have stuck with 2 toddlers fighting with each other. After this course and course about cooperation we cracked this problem. Thank you!"

Adolfo Foronda5 star small

"Successfully used the advice in this course."

Patricia Silva5 star small

"Robin explains everything in a very clear way, his examples are right on the money and I can't wait to see what else is to come so I can start applying his techniques. I really need this course. Thank you!"

Niltza Hurtado5 star small

"Great training. I has been using some of these skills since I started with it and the outcomes have been awesome."

Juan5 star small

"Very interesting and enlightening! We definitely need to change the paradigms and Robin is telling us how The tools that Robin teaches us are useful, smart and practical for parents' everyday life. I feel grateful and wiser now"

Kris Orlikowski5 star small

"Robin is the real expert in the topic. But the most appreciated aspect of this course for me is the way he teaches all the concepts. It's very easy to follow and see how to put into practice. I really like that he gives couple of real life examples of how it may look to implement particular skill in most common situations. He even get examples of the same rule for different age groups. It so easy to transfer provided examples into my own family patterns and routines. I strongly recommend that for every parent."

Charles McQuay5 star small

"I wish this video had been available 20 years ago when I was raising my oldest. This course is an excellent resource to help you learn basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence, which is the basis for modern-day parenting and indeed all mature relationships. These videos will help you learn how to teach your kids WHAT TO DO...not just "WHAT NOT TO DO." I have a child with diagnoses of O.D.D. and autism spectrum, and have already used some of the techniques particularly the descriptive praise) to good effect. Thank you Robin Booth for providing this resource to struggling parents. Better than therapy as far as I'm concerned."


Watch the intro video: 2 mins