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The BIG 40
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Giving parents intelligent solutions to their everyday parenting challenges. Getting instant cooperation instead of punishing. Learn strategic skills on how to building confidence and self esteem. Learn from the leading expert so you don't have to pay the price of an unhappy and resentful child. 


Robin founded and started the Synergy Schooling Approach in 2004. The approach was the first of it's kind, demonstrating that education can also prioritise the synergies of emotional intelligence and academic performance. What takes 3 weeks to learn in a traditional school, could now be done in just 1 day, and with children loving school!

Capital Partners


Robin is also passionate about property deals, with his own protfolio both local and in the USA. His team focuses on partnerships and win-win deals for people who prioritise life style and family time. Whether you have good deals, or want good deals, Worldwide Capital Partners will support you!

The BIG 40

I'm turning the BIG 40 in a few weeks time and I want to share something personal with you (and what I am giving away to celebrate). I am sure you don't know this about me but at such a big birthday for me, I would like you to be part of it.

My life in pictures

I love kitesurfing and surfing. I love my cup of coffee every day at the local coffee shops and I love making a difference to other people's lives. I love giving workshops to keen and motivated parents as I can see how their lives change so positively. I used to be a garden landscaper, a mountain hiker and I can make a killer mango icrecream.

And this is what I am doing to celebrate my birthday. I have set my self a whole lot of "40" something goals to achieve within the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday.

  • 40 waves kites-surfed
  • 40 plants planted
  • 40 coffees drunk (no 2 at the same place)
  • 40 conscious acts of kindness 
  • 40 minutes on a kayak
  • 40 e-books for R40 ($4.70) in 40 hours
  • etc

and the list goes on and you can read about it on my facebook page to see why


But, this is where you come in. Everyday I am grateful that I have learnt such amazing skills in supporting the emotional intelligence in children. And everyday I am grateful to hear how my sharing of them has impacted countless other families.

So to celebrate this I am offering the first 40 people the Top 5 skills E-book for R40 (R$4.7), over the next 40 hour period. So instead of paying R245 ($27) the first 40 people get a massive 83% discount and pay only $4.7 (or about R40 and save R210).

But that's not all. On top of that, because it is my birthday, when someone buys the top 5 skills bundle, I will give them another 5 skills E-book bundle worth R245 for FREE to give to a friend of their choice. That's a total saving of R455!

The Top 5 skills that every parent should know but was never taught includes the E-book, over 29 videos, the workshop videos, the 2 month Skill integration with print outs, skills summaries, parent stories and a whole lot more.  (You can click here to read more about the Top 5 skills bundle)

There is no catch to this. This 40 hour special starts at 6:00am on Tuesday the 23rd October and lasts for 40 hours, ending at 10pm on Wednesday the 24th October. During that time just click on the link below and your discount will be automatically applied.


And if you want to grab this oppurtunity but can't pay via paypal or creditcard, then just for this once off special you can pay via EFT. Send an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will reply with how you can do that (you will get a reply back within 1 minute)

40 E-books (plus one free) to 40 people for R40 in 40 hours. Be a part of celebrating my big 40th with me.



Feedback from a parent after applying these skills: Having learnt these skills from Robin, what blows me away on an almost daily basis is how simple they are and at the same time, how life changing. I don't have to fight with my children anymore, we work as a team!

Click here to get access to the 2 whole bundles for just R40!



Robin Booth

P.O.Box 919
Sunvalley, Cape Town

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