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[This article by Robin Booth was published in Fast Company Oct 2017)

"Have you just wasted the last 12 years of your life at school?”

This was the question I asked over 2000 of South Africa’s top school graduates as their key note speaker at the Gibs business school annual career expo 2017.

They quickly quietened down when I shared the reality of their future:

1)    If you think you can choose a career, the trouble is that the top jobs in demand today, were not even in existence 5 years ago.
2)    If you study a technical degree today, and at the rate technology is evolving, the information you learn today will already be outdated in 3 years’ time leaving you with useless information.
3)    By the age of 34, you will have had more than 15 different jobs.
4)    In 5 years’ time less than 9% of you will have jobs relating to your degrees and studies.
5)    By the age of 35 over half of you with all these fancy degrees will most likely be working for a company owned and run by a someone less smart than you who just made it through school.
6)    The studies across the last 20 years show there is no correlation between success in school and success in business.