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Problem Solving recording

Problem Solving recording

The 8 problem solving steps

Problem Solving Live session recording:

Step 1:  Invitation/context setting ask permission to talk about a situation and if now is a good time.
Step 2:  The 80-10-10 three opening statements.
        - 80% talk about the child’s feelings and needs making them feel understood.
        - 10% about your needs or what needs to be done
        - 10% ask the question that invites ideas.
Step 3: List the ideas without evaluating them, making the person feel heard.
Step 4: Review the ideas, agreeing which ones you will keep and which ones you will let go.
Step 5: Summarise, and check the impact of the ideas.
Step 6: Get permission to support or hold accountable.
Step 7: Set date and time for next check- in.
Step 8: Share base default understanding.

length: 35 minutes of explanations and solutions

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