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What would you do if your two children kept fighting over whose turn it was on the ipad? How do you decide whose turn it is, and what is fair for both children?

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You can't use my ipad ever again!

Here's a story about a mother who was worried about her 11 year old son playing too many games on her ipad. So should she forbid him to ever play it again, or maybe try this idea I shared with her...

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Avoid these words below as they hamper your child's language development.

Of course you want the best for your child! And I know you don't want to see a look like this picture above on your child's face.

But your choice of words may be doing more harm than good. So I am going to share with you how you can change that with the following simple skil.

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Problem Solving recording

The 8 problem solving steps

Problem Solving Live session recording:

Step 1:  Invitation/context setting ask permission to talk about a situation and if now is a good time.
Step 2:  The 80-10-10 three opening statements.
        - 80% talk about the child’s feelings and needs making them feel understood.
        - 10% about your needs or what needs to be done
        - 10% ask the question that invites ideas.
Step 3: List the ideas without evaluating them, making the person feel heard.
Step 4: Review the ideas, agreeing which ones you will keep and which ones you will let go.
Step 5: Summarise, and check the impact of the ideas.
Step 6: Get permission to support or hold accountable.
Step 7: Set date and time for next check- in.
Step 8: Share base default understanding.

length: 35 minutes of explanations and solutions

Listen to just the Audio



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  •  I don't want to use the negatvie techniques my parents used on me.
  • I want to find other ways to parent than my parents did on me

We spend more formal time to learn to drive a car than to communicate effectively with your chlid.

Length: 3:34 minutes



This interview is part of longer one on SAFM radio. The longer one can be heard here

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