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Robin Booth

Robin Booth

What is the future of education? What will schools teach in the future? Or more importantly, what should the school be teaching tight now!

Robin is interviewed by one of the Top Parent Podcasts listed on iTunes.

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 SAVE 80 minutes a day by getting your child to cooperate and listen to you! (an online course, your time, your home)

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret formula for getting your children to listen and cooperate with you?

How do some parents just make it look easy and their children are still so happy and cooperative?

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Children on holiday, extended family cramped into your house, patience decreasing and tensions mounting?

The holiday season has its risks: The statistics show increased divorce and suicide rates! Now this may not be due to parenting challenges but there is no doubt that this period of time has its parenting downs as well as highs.

So here are my top 3 skills for managing the lows, and building up the highs, so you can move from Survive to Thrive over the holiday season.

  1. Describing what you see to get cooperation
  2. Giving yourself time to think so you respond intelligently opposed to reacting with threats
  3. Building them up and increasing the feeling of love and connectedness.

"My son gives up when an activity starts becoming difficult... how can I support him persevere?"

You may have mixed emotions when you see your child struggling with an activity. Discomfort, irritation, frustration, empathy, and at times your heart goes out to them when you can see they are giving their all.

And then they want to give up!

But what can you do to keep them persevering, even when it gets tough? What words can you say that will keep them going?

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talent dynamics

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