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Robin Booth

Robin Booth

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Courses for you - Cooperation

[This article by Robin Booth was published in Fast Company Oct 2017)

"Have you just wasted the last 12 years of your life at school?”

This was the question I asked over 2000 of South Africa’s top school graduates as their key note speaker at the Gibs business school annual career expo 2017.

They quickly quietened down when I shared the reality of their future:

1)    If you think you can choose a career, the trouble is that the top jobs in demand today, were not even in existence 5 years ago.
2)    If you study a technical degree today, and at the rate technology is evolving, the information you learn today will already be outdated in 3 years’ time leaving you with useless information.
3)    By the age of 34, you will have had more than 15 different jobs.
4)    In 5 years’ time less than 9% of you will have jobs relating to your degrees and studies.
5)    By the age of 35 over half of you with all these fancy degrees will most likely be working for a company owned and run by a someone less smart than you who just made it through school.
6)    The studies across the last 20 years show there is no correlation between success in school and success in business.

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Product Range

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Parent's Guide Asia

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No parent is an island- Blog

$500 000 to be donated  (R7 000 000) - and YOU can even get a part of it!

Robin summited Island Peak at 09:26 th on the 29th April 2017. The following days over 7500 online courses were distributed worldwide totalling over $550 0000.

Below is the outline of the project!

I have persuaded the directors of the non-profit education organisation, Synergy Schooling, that if I can summit Island Peak in May 2017 (it's a mountain peak just next to Mount Everest), they will donate $500 000 worth of online workshops to parents, schools and teachers around the world.

Six months ago my story sounded very different. I had kept doing what I had always done and had kept getting what I had always got. Then something changed.
My results in the last 6 months:

- Have a $15 million property development on the table.
- Started, grew and monetised three different businesses 2 of which are global.
- Spoke on 7 different stages with audiences up to 1800 people, in different cities, sharing wealth creation strategies and coaching outcomes.
- Featured in a high profile magazine for my international property and capital company.
- Interviewed on stage some amazing people like Ndaba Mandela and Randi Zuckerberg
- Coached high net worth clients to take their business to the next level. 

Robin Booth on stage

 I can still hear the words coming from JT Foxx at one of his events.
“I’ll take you to the top with me!”

If you don't know which techniques of yours are damaging your child, then how will you be able to change them?

This lecture covers some of the default ways most parents are currently using to get their children to cooperate.

Take note that they ALL are based in the negative and undermine the child. The result.... your child feels fear, guilt and powerless!

The most important thing about understanding our modern day parenting crisis is knowing how much this crisis could be costing us.

But we know it costs us frustration and patience.

In this lecture I show you how we calculate how much time we are wasting, as well as how much this could be costing us in money!

45 minutes x 7 days = 22 hours per month x12 months = 270 hours in a year.

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The modern day parenting crisis

We want to parent to the best of our abilities. And at some point on our journey we promise this to our children.

And we want the best for our children.

But how can we prepare them and give them the best chance for happiness and success?

This lecture looks at the top skills that the top companies are looking for in the youth of today. These are the qualities YOU as the parent can develop and nurture in your children.

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UDEMY courses for you

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