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Robin Booth

Robin Booth

The value of getting a child to do extra homework is not about force feeding them with irrelevant information and time consuming content, but in supporting them in the skills of self discipline, planning, organisational development and perseverance.

 But regardless of the REASON as to why your child has extra homework to do, the skills needed to get them to do so can be the same. 

We have found that what works best is to focus on the values that underpin the extra work, and not on the actual content of the work.

 So if your child has extra MATH to catch up, what we aim to develop (and celebrate), is increasing her self discipline to stay focused, and to persevere, in spite of her being bored and wanting to give up. 

These internal values (characteristics) are what support her in being successful in whatever she takes on in life. These values are within her control, and reflect the effort she puts in.

Learn how to tap into this motivational drive and then extra homework becomes easier.

As a pre-school teacher and then a primary school principal, my staff and I found many creative and intelligent ways to help families overcome the heartbreaking challenges of separation anxiety. 

 The key focus in separation anxiety is in supporting the transference of trust and safety from parent to school. And this will nearly always be done by building the quality of the relationship the child experiences in the school environment.

 By increasing a child's sense of belonging and sense of connectedness at school, their willingness to stay at school and explore new challenges increases. 

This lesson gives you examples of what to do, and how to empower yourself to do that, in spite of a school that ignores your requests for support. You don't have to wait for the school to sort this out. Take charge and make it happen!

Understanding the Language-Transition phase will really help you keep your cool when you know your child has heard you, but still doesn't do what you have asked.

This lesson looks at the developmental stages of young children and how their language development is faster than their levels of self discipline and control.

You will also explore the difference between distraction based techniques, and language based techniques, and when to use one, or the other, or both. 

You need your children to cooperate with you. And best to learn how to get them to do so before you get really angry with them.

A child that keeps nagging and whining pushes nearly every parent's buttons. 

And it seems that regardless of the issue your child is whining about, what seems to bug the most is the WAY in which they bring it to your attention. When they whine like that it kind of comes from a victim-entitlement attitude.

So what we are wanting is to support our children in speaking 'CLEARLY' to us, so we can actually 'HEAR' what they are saying, and maybe out of that we can support them.

Just telling your child NOT to whine is like putting fuel on a fire... it's counter productive and leaves them feeling like you don't care. 

This lesson gives you the exact wording you can say that will get your child to stop whining and move you forward in resolving what is needed.

'Time-out' is regularly used by parents and teachers throughout the world. But is it really constructive? Does it really develop your children's values of responsibility, or does it just increase thoughts of revenge and unfairness?

When it comes to bedtime, children can come up with incredibly imaginative ways to keep you by their side. And monsters hiding under the bed is one of them.

And as obvious as it may be to you as the parent that there are no monsters under the bed, and you can prove this to them, they still don't believe you.

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