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Your child keeps nagging you to sleep in your bed with you?

Robin shared how he solved that in his own home, and Amanda decided to try it out. And it worked.

See the video clip of her sharing her new found skills.

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Brad asks this question regarding some of the everyday challenges he faces in being a parent: "Is this going to be my life for the next 20 years?" and everyone laughs because we all seem to have these kinds of days.

This video clip is taken from the workshop session on "The introduction to Intelligent parenting". And when parents have finished the session, we ask them what they got from the session and what they are going to take away from it.

See what Brad shares with relief.

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I ask the parents in the workshop, "Why are you here tonight?". This stumps many of them. Some reply back humorously, "I asked my wife the same thing. I thought we were perfect parents."

Amidst the grins and chuckles, my reply to them is to share why I WAS THERE that night, what could I offer and what could become possible for each and every parent there.

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1.    If things are not working for an intelligent parent, they do not just resign themselves to accepting the way things are.
2.    They know they can have it all, while still enjoying the meaningful connections to their children and other family members.
3.    They have a deep respect for themselves and for other others and for life.
4.    They know that they have the responsibility to make it work in their family relationships and keep striving to make things happen.
5.    Intelligent parents take action.  They do not stay in a place of complaining about how 'hectic or difficult their children are.

see the video clip (4 minutes) of this introduction to Intelligent Parenting session.

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On average a child hears the word "No" or "Don't" over 400 times a day. I've been here at this playpark for an hour and lost count after the 200th time.
"Don't jump into the pool"
"Don't run on the grass"
"Stop whining while I put sunscreen on your face"
But the following example was my favourite one: "Do you think complaining that your friend is not here is going to help the situation?"

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By Robin Booth

 One of the biggest assumptions parents make is believing that having an empowered and confident child will make life easier for them. Maybe now their children will listen, pack away, do their homework on their own without being nagged at etc.

But in order to handle an empowered child, you need to up your own skill sets, otherwise your buttons will really be pushed and you will revert back to the traditional techniques used on you.

I call that stage of empowerment, the vomit stage and..

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If we could do this in schools

By Robin Booth

I believe that a posisble answer to our education challenges stares us in the face everyday. It is people who MAKE education, and not education that makes people. What would it be like for us to create the results we are so wishing for in our education system becuase of who we ARE? That is my wish and is the premise that the Synergy Schooling Approach proved.

Here is a short video clip where I share some of my thoughts on this.

 I got a phone call from a mother who was nearly in tears. She said, "An 11 year old boy had a fight with my son and strangled him leaving bruise marks on his neck. My son is a nervous wreck now. And I want revenge! I feel like a tigress whose cub has been hurt."

The first time they don't keep the boundary I get frustrated that they didn't listen to me.
The second time I start complaining that they don't take me seriously.
The third time I get really angry and start threatening them.
The fourth time I lose it.
The fifth time I look to see how I can punish them. Maybe that will teach them a lesson.
The sixth time.... oh my...already on the 6th time... I just give up. Children will be children.

The following video clip shows how and why this happens. It doesn't have to be this way.


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To put a boundary in place with your children depends on your skills in the following three areas.

  1. The Detail
  2. The Delivery
  3. The Diligence

Otherwise you end up having to resort to shouting, threats, punishment and manipulation. I choose not to do that in my household. Watch this video clip to find out more about setting really great boundaries in a dignified and respectful way.

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