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You want your child to be more polite and respectful.

But how do you get that? And how do you get her to feel inspired to take on that challenge?

Robin shows you the results of a problem solving session where she rated herself at a 4 out of 10 in being respectful at the beginning of the session, and ended off with a big smile and inspired by the possibilty of being 10 out of 10 and a role model for her family!


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Have you had that situation where you apply a skill and it doesn't work?

So you apply a variation of the skill, and it still doesn't work? Your child replies with, "I don't want to..."

Well this happened to Mari and she asked me what she could do...

This video was my reply, taking her deeper into the insights of the skill of "Setting the boundary and giving choices within the boundary."

length: 13:25

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Every few days I get a story from a parent who has had a breakthrough in using their new skills.

This one really shows how Intelligent skills can create amazing results and blissful flow. And this is for real. I did not edit her story except just change the names.

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I want to show you the praise skills in live action, on children, at school in a class.

And watch their faces as their smiles beam from ear to ear.

You can also do this, consciously and intelligently by learning these skills!

 length: 5:46

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  1. Do you also experience praising your children at times and they just don't believe you?
  2. Are you making the same mistake as this parent in the way she is praising?
  3. Do you know how to avoid the most common mistake when praising your children?

 This video clip shares how to avoid making those same mistakes.

 length: 3:31

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I have often wondered what it is that gets these parents these results. Cooperation, trust, flow, harmony. I think I know at least one answer. To get these results, this is what you have to understand, and do.

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I want the truth. Who started it?

“I walked in to the bathroom where my twin sons were having a bath. There was water on the floor, water on the mirror and my sons’ four year old faces grinning up at me. I asked them who had splashed water on the floor. No one said anything. I told them I wasn’t going to punish them, that I just wanted them to be honest.”

I said I wasn't going punish them, but that was because I didn't understand that emotionally I was punishing them far more than a smack or "No TV tonight!"

And this is why..



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Here are a list of questions that are guarenteed to get yourself unstuck from any situation you find yourself in. A free e-book which is a quick and easy read.

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Your child keeps nagging you to sleep in your bed with you?

Robin shared how he solved that in his own home, and Amanda decided to try it out. And it worked.

See the video clip of her sharing her new found skills.

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Brad asks this question regarding some of the everyday challenges he faces in being a parent: "Is this going to be my life for the next 20 years?" and everyone laughs because we all seem to have these kinds of days.

This video clip is taken from the workshop session on "The introduction to Intelligent parenting". And when parents have finished the session, we ask them what they got from the session and what they are going to take away from it.

See what Brad shares with relief.

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